There should be a limit to complacency (Aargh!!). My should-I-do-it-now? nature (and a swell theory for any time management expert) has been a big let down for many, including myself. Anyways, this one is about an outcome of it.

Now, I love music and movies and have been wishing to improve my listening/watching experience for quite a while. It all started when I listened to Hell Freezes Over on DTS 5.1 in a treated basement in Bangalore 4 years ago! I was (literally) blown away!! I bought a Torvin sub-woofer (200w RMS) and 4 satellites (4x20w RMS), and an amplifier to hook up to my Sony Wega 29. Life was suddenly… er, thumping.

But, as they say, audio is never the same once you listen to 5.1. I have been hunting for a *middle-class* solution (the receivers ARE expensive) for years. I quite liked the Yamahas (was sold on RX-V496 for a long time), but finally after listening to Ganesh’s take on Yamaha’s discreet amplification, last month I bought a –drumrolls– Denon AVR-1403/483. Now looking at the search and research I have put into this, barring a budget constraint, I should be dying to get it going, right? Well, not really. I cant explain it well enough, yes money is (always) an issue, but I hope I get those speakers soon. I am evaluating Torvin, Yamaha, Sonodyne and possibly, some kits recommended by DIYAudio.

(Thanks Ganesh, for all the help in this hunt)

Maybe you should consider Arca hybrid speakers from Cadence — they are an outfit in Pune (down the road from German bakery) and their glass valve amps to provide the thump of a lifetime. Don’t forget the gold-plated connectors. Comment from Arun 19 May 2004